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I am Nikita Evseev from Novosibirsk, Russia. My research interests are in Analysis and Sobolev spaces.

Pages of which I am contributing and watching

Analytic function | Cauchy criterion | Cauchy integral | Condition number | Continuous function | D'Alembert criterion (convergence of series) | Dedekind criterion (convergence of series) | Derivative | Dini theorem | Dirichlet-function | Ermakov convergence criterion | Extension of an operator | Fourier transform | Friedrichs inequality | Fubini theorem | Function | Functional | Generalized derivative | Generalized function | Geometric progression | Hahn-Banach theorem | Harmonic series | Hilbert transform | Hölder inequality | Lebesgue integral | Lebesgue measure | Leibniz criterion | Leibniz series | Lipschitz Function | Lipschitz condition | Luzin-N-property | Newton-Leibniz formula | Newton potential | Operator | Poincaré inequality | Pseudo-metric | Raabe criterion | Riemann integral | Series | Sobolev space | Vitali theorem |


I'm keen on turning up articles of EoM into better appearance by rewriting formulas and math symbols in TeX.

Now there are 3040 (out of 15,890) articles with Category:TeX done tag.

$\quad \rightarrow \quad$ $\sum_{n=1}^{\infty}n!z^n$ Just type $\sum_{n=1}^{\infty}n!z^n$. Today You may look at Category:TeX wanted.

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