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Topological notion is absent!

Not quite, see Isotopy (in topology). Below is a list of pages containing the keyword "Isotopy". --Ulf Rehmann 10:54, 6 May 2012 (CEST)
The situation still requires intervention on several issues. First, leaving Isotopy without further qualification may be misleading (as I was misled). In such cases, as Boris suggested, the "root" page should be a disambiguation, with all specific pages linked both ways. If somebody writes a page and selects the first occurrence of a popular term in double ['s, it is permissible to point to a disambiguation page, but wrong to point to an irrelevant page.
My second problem is with the search engine (upper left corner): while I type, it gives me a list of suggestions among the page names, but this list in not always complete, and, what is worse, if a page with this name exists, it will be automatically redirected to instead of searching EoM for other occurrences of the same word. I learned the hard way how to oversmart this wizardry: one has to search for the empty string, then it gives a detailed search window which will work as expected. Probably, novices like me should be warned about this peculiarity. -- Sergei Yakovenko 07:30, 7 May 2012 (CEST).

Algebraic K-theory | Algebraic topology | Algebraic topology based on knots | Braid theory | Closure condition | Cobordism of knots | Cohn-Vossen transformation | Conway skein equivalence | Differentiable manifold | Distributive quasi-group | Groupoid | Handle theory | Homeomorphism | Homeomorphism group | Immersion | Isotopy | Isotopy (in topology) | Jaeger composition product | Jones-Conway polynomial | Kauffman bracket polynomial | Kauffman polynomial | Knot and link diagrams | Knots and links, quadratic forms of | Knot theory | Loop | Markov braid theorem | Morse-Smale system | Morse theory | Multi-dimensional knot | Polyhedron, abstract | Quasi-group | Reidemeister theorem | Thom-Mather stratification | Tight and taut immersions | Topology of imbeddings | Train track | Yang-Baxter operators

May be, we need standard template for uniform disambiguations? Something that would say "The term may mean one of the following..." and "For other meanings of this term see the page ...", while automatically updating the corresponding technical categories? Or I am inventing a bicycle? ;-)

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