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Hello World!

My name is Sergei Yakovenko (Сергей Яковенко, סרגיי יעקובנקו).

I am a mathematician curious about several things, mostly in Analytic Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations[1] (singularities, limit cycles, normal forms, invariant manifolds, foliations). To understand these things, quite a number of areas of mathematics are required, among them algebraic and analytic geometry, singularities of smooth and analytic maps, complex analysis in one and several variables, dynamical systems, integral geometry and even logic (o-minimal structures and model theory).

On a more formal level, I am usually assigned to review papers with the AMS classification codes as follows.

Primary 34C05,34C07,34C08,34C10,34C20,34M03,34M10,34M35, Secondary34C23,34M15,34M25,34M40,34M50,34M56.

My "regular" home page is at the Weizmann Institute, Rehovot (Israel) and has free links to all my papers. For more dynamic purposes (e.g., seminar announcements, lecture notes for running lectures etc.) and occasional ranting I maintain a blog, where you can leave comments or questions.

  1. The draft of the textbook is freely available.
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