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for measurability of a function of a real variable

For a function $f$ defined on the interval $[a,b]$ and almost-everywhere finite, to be measurable it is necessary and sufficient that for any $\epsilon>0$ there is a function $\phi$, continuous on $[a,b]$, such that the measure of the set $$ \{ x \in [a,b] : f(x) \ne \phi(x) \} $$ is less than $\epsilon$. It was proved by N.N. Luzin [1]. In other words, an almost-everywhere finite function is measurable if and only if it becomes continuous if one neglects a set of arbitrary small measure.


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In the West, Luzin's criterion is known as Luzin's theorem (in spite of an ambiguity — cf. Luzin theorem) and is generally stated a little bit differently, more like in Luzin $C$-property (but with a compact set instead of a perfect set). The tightness of the measure and the normality of the space makes all these formulations equivalent.

The Luzin criterion remains true if the interval $[a,b]$ is replaced by any completely-regular space and the (restriction of the) Lebesgue measure by any tight bounded measure on the Borel $\sigma$-field. In this general setting the Luzin property may be used in order to give an alternative definition of the notion of measurability (cf. [a1]) or, in recent works, a more adequate definition of this notion when $f$ is no longer a real-valued function but, for example, a Banach-valued function.

The Luzin criterion is intimately related to the Egorov theorem and to the notion of measurability according to Carathéodory (cf. Carathéodory measure).


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