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domain of type $C$, domain of type $S$

A bounded simply-connected domain $G$ with a rectifiable Jordan boundary in the complex plane $\mathbf C$ having the following property: there is a univalent conformal mapping $z=\phi(w)$ from the disc $|w|<1$ onto $G$ such that for $|w|<1$ the harmonic function $\ln|\phi'(w)|$ can be written as the Poisson integral of its non-tangential boundary values $\ln|\phi'(e^{i\theta})|$:


These domains were introduced by V.I. Smirnov [1] in 1928 in the course of investigating the completeness of a system of polynomials in the Smirnov class $E_2(G)$. The problem of the existence of non-Smirnov domains with rectifiable Jordan boundaries was solved by M.V. Keldysh and M.A. Lavrent'ev [2], who gave a sophisticated and intricate construction of such domains and of the corresponding mapping functions $\phi$, with the additional property that $|\phi'(e^{i\theta})|=1$ for almost-all $e^{i\theta}$. The basic boundary properties of analytic functions in the disc also hold for functions analytic in a Smirnov domain, and many of these properties hold only in Smirnov domains. Examples of Smirnov domains are Jordan domains whose boundaries are Lyapunov curves or piecewise Lyapunov curves with non-zero angles (cf. Lyapunov surfaces and curves).


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The German translation of Privalov's book is the most detailed Western reference on Smirnov classes and domains. A reference in English is [a1].


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