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Any link can be reduced to a trivial link by a sequence of $3$-moves (that is, tangle moves which add three half-twists into two parallel arcs of a link).

The conjecture has been proved for links up to $12$ crossings, $4$-bridge links and five-braid links except one family represented by the square of the centre of the $5$-braid group. This link, which can be reduced by $3$-moves to a $20$-crossings link, is the smallest known link for which the conjecture is open (as of 2001).

The conjecture has its stronger version that any $n$-tangle can be reduced by $3$-moves to one of $g(n)$ $n$-tangles (with possible additional trivial components), where $g(n)=\prod_{i=1}^{n-1}(3^i+1)$.


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