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For given $n$-tangles $T_1$ and $T_2$ (cf. also Tangle), the tangle move, or more specifically the $(T_1,T_2)$-move, is substitution of the tangle $T_2$ in the place of the tangle $T_1$ in a link (or tangle). The simplest tangle $2$-move is a crossing change. This can be generalized to $n$-moves (cf. Montesinos–Nakanishi conjecture or [a5]), $(m,q)$-moves (cf. Fig.a1), and $(p/q)$-rational moves, where a rational $(p/q)$-tangle is substituted in place of the identity tangle [a6] (Fig.a2 illustrates a $(13/5)$-rational move).

A $(p/q)$-rational move preserves the space of Fox $p$-colourings of a link or tangle (cf. Fox $n$-colouring). For a fixed prime number $p$, there is a conjecture that any link can be reduced to a trivial link by $(p/q)$-rational moves ($|q| \le p/2$).

Kirby moves (cf. Kirby calculus) can be interpreted as tangle moves on framed links.

Figure: t130020a

Figure: t130020b

Habiro $C_n$-moves [a2] are prominent in the theory of Vassiliev–Gusarov invariants of links and $3$-manifolds. The simplest and most extensively studied Habiro move (beyond the crossing change) is the $\Delta$-move on a $3$-tangle (cf. Fig.a3). One can reduce every knot into the trivial knot by $\Delta$-moves [a4].

Figure: t130020c


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