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A real topological vector space $E$ that is simultaneously a vector lattice and whose topology is a locally convex topology, while the mappings of $E \times E$ into $E$ defined by $$ (x,y) \mapsto \sup\{x,y\} \,,\ \ \ (x,y) \mapsto \inf\{x,y\} \ \ \text{for}\ x,y \in E \,, $$ are continuous. General questions in the theory of locally convex lattices are the following: The study of the connections between topological properties and order properties; in particular, the topological properties of bands and positive cones in a locally convex lattice and connections between lattice properties and topological properties of completeness in a locally convex lattice. The study of properties of the strong dual of a locally convex lattice and properties of the imbedding of a locally convex lattice $E$ into its second dual. The construction of a theory of extension of positive functionals and linear mappings between locally convex lattices.

The most important example of a locally convex lattice is a Banach lattice.


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