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A field that is complete with respect to a discrete valuation and has finite residue field. The structure of a local field $K$ is well known: 1) if the characteristic of $K$ is $0$, then $K$ is a finite extension of the field $\mathbb{Q}_p$ of $p$-adic numbers; 2) if the characteristic of $K$ is greater than $0$, then $K$ is isomorphic to the field $k((T))$ of formal power series over a finite field $k$. Such fields are called local, in contrast to global fields (finite extensions of the fields $\mathbf{Q}$ or $k(T)$), and are means for studying the latter. For cohomological properties of Galois extensions of local fields see [1], and also Adèle; Idèle; and Class field theory.

To construct a class field theory of multi-dimensional schemes one uses a generalisation of the concept of a local field. Namely, an $n$-dimensional local field is a sequence $O_0,\ldots,O_n$ of complete discrete valuation rings together with isomorphisms $$ k(O_i) \stackrel{\sim}{\rightarrow} K(O_{i+1}) $$ where $k$ is the residue field and $K$ is the field of fractions of a ring $O$. Moreover, $k(O_n)$ must be finite. There exists a structure theory for $n$-dimensional local fields (see [3]).


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The concept of a local field is sometimes extended to include that of discretely valued fields with arbitrary residue fields. There is a class field theory for local fields with perfect residue fields in terms of a certain fundamental group [a1], [a2]. For an account of the class field theory of $n$-dimensional local fields (in terms of algebraic K-theory) see also [a3][a5].


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