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Every non-trivial knot has a non-trivial Jones polynomial.

Figure: j130050a

The conjecture has been confirmed for several families of knots, including alternating and adequate knots, knots up to $18$ crossings and $2$-algebraic knots (cf. Knot theory) up to $21$ crossings [a5], [a7]. In 2001, S. Yamada announced that the conjecture holds for knots with up to $20$ crossings. The analogous conjecture for links does not hold, as M.B. Thistlethwaite found a $15$-crossing link whose Jones polynomial coincides with a trivial link of two components, cf. Fig.a1. This and similar examples constructed since are $2$-satellites on a Hopf link [a6], [a1].

L.H. Kauffman showed that there are non-trivial virtual knots with Jones polynomial equal to $1$, [a4].

It is still an open problem (as of 2001) whether a simple (non-satellite) link can have a Jones polynomial of an unlink.


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