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A method for solving the minimization problem


where $f$ is some function of the variables $(x_1,\dotsc,x_n)$. The iterative sequence $\{x_k\}$ of the method of descent is computed by the formula


where $g^k$ is a vector indicating some direction of decrease of $f$ at $x^k$, and $\alpha_k$ is an iterative parameter, the value of which indicates the step-length in the direction $g^k$. If $f$ is a differentiable function and $x^k$ is not an extremal point of it, then the vector $g_k$ must satisfy the inequality


where $f'(x^k)$ is the gradient of $f$ at $x^k$.

If $f$ is a sufficiently smooth function (e.g. twice continuously differentiable) and if the sequence $\{g^k\}$ satisfies inequality \eqref{*}, then there exists a sequence $\{\alpha_k\}$ such that


Under certain restrictions (see [3]) on the function $f$ and on the method of choosing the parameters $\{\alpha_k\}$ and the vectors $g^k$, the sequence $\{x_k\}$ converges to a solution $x^*$ of the initial problem.

The gradient method, in which the vectors $\{g^k\}$ are in some way expressed in terms of the vectors $\{f'(x^k)\}$, is a method of descent. One of the most common cases is when


where $B(x)$ is a symmetric matrix satisfying

$$m(x,x)\leq(B(y)x,x)\leq M(x,x)$$

for any two vectors $x$ and $y$, with certain constants $M\geq m>0$. Under additional restrictions (see [3]) on $f$ and by a special selection of $\{\alpha_k\}$, the gradient method ensures the convergence of $\{x^k\}$ to a solution $x^*$ of the initial problem with the rate of an arithmetical progression with ratio $g<1$. A special case of the gradient method is the method of steepest descent (cf. Steepest descent, method of), in which the matrix $B(x)$ is the unit matrix.


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See also Coordinate-wise descent method.


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