Boundary correspondence (under conformal mapping)

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A property of a univalent conformal mapping $ f $ of a finitely-connected domain $ G $ onto a domain $ D $ in the $ z $- plane consisting of the fact that $ f $ can be extended to a homeomorphism between certain compactifications $ \widetilde{G} $ and $ \widetilde{D} $ of $ G $ and $ D $, respectively; that is, $ f $ induces a homeomorphism of the boundaries $ \widetilde{G} \setminus G $ and $ \widetilde{D} \setminus D $. For the ordinary (Euclidean) boundaries $ \partial G $ and $ \partial D $ of $ G $ and $ D $ this property does not always hold. For example, a conformal mapping of a disc $ K $ induces a homeomorphism of $ \partial K $ and $ \partial D $ only if $ \partial D $ is homeomorphic to a circle.

There are several known compactifications of a simply-connected domain with the property of boundary correspondence under conformal mapping. Historical precedence goes to the Carathéodory extension (see [1], and also [2]). It is the most intuitive and is often used in the study of conformal and other mappings. The elements of the boundary thus obtained were called prime ends by C. Carathéodory (see Limit elements). A theory has been developed of boundary correspondence under variable conformal mappings of simply-connected domains (see [3]).


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Standard English references on boundary correspondence under conformal mapping and prime ends are [a1][a3].


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