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The problem of realizing, in three-dimensional Euclidean space, a regular metric of positive curvature given on a sphere — i.e. the problem of the existence of a regular ovaloid for a prescribed metric. The problem was posed in 1915 by H. Weyl [1]. H. Lewy

in 1937 solved the Weyl problem for the case of an analytic metric: An analytic metric of positive curvature, defined on a sphere, is always realized by some analytic surface in three-dimensional Euclidean space. A complete solution of the Weyl problem was given by the theorem of A.D. Aleksandrov [3] on the realization of a metric of positive curvature by a convex surface, in conjunction with a theorem of A.V. Pogorelov on the regularity of a convex surface with a regular metric. This solution says that a regular metric of class $C^n$, $n\geq2$, of positive Gaussian curvature, defined on a manifold which is homeomorphic to a sphere, can be realized by a closed regular convex surface of class at least $C^{n-1+\alpha}$, $0\leq\alpha\leq1$. If the metric is analytic, the surface is analytic as well. Pogorelov ([3], Chapt. 6) posed and solved Weyl's problem for the general case of a three-dimensional Riemann surface.


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