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"MR and MSN require access rights for MathSciNet"--- yes, but MSC requires more (to my regret), some VPN? I also wonder, why MSC uses ""; is it inevitable? Does it make additional troubles? --Boris Tsirelson 07:58, 13 January 2012 (CET)

Both MR and MSC require access rights for MathSciNet in order to give complete answers. If you don't have these rights, there is only some restricted (but sometimes sufficient) answer from MR, and no answer at all from the MSN calls as used in the templates MSC and MSC-X. That is why I have included calls to MSC wiki as well in these templates. All the MathSciNet servers give the same answers. I have introduced the template User:Rehmann/sandbox/MSN_HOST, where the server can be choosen (which then will be used uniformly by all the templates on this page). Since EoM is a European based project, a European based MSN server might be appropriate for speed reasons. In fact it would be desirable if this choice could be made by each user via their 'preferences". But I don't know how to achieve this yet. Right now this template is set to, but this can be changed (however, see the comment in that template!). Zbl also gives only restricted access if one has no access rights, but this is not relevant as long as only a single item is requested, as in the template ZBL.
The use of vpn has nothing to do directly with the above. In case you have vpn access to your university from your personal computer (e.g. notebook) and your university grants access to MathSciNet, then you can use this vpn access to your university to get access rights for your personal computer as well (no matter at which place in the world you use your computer). --Ulf Rehmann 12:51, 13 January 2012 (CET)
Yes, but my situation was worse; as I wrote here, "Bad news: even working with an MSC subscription (via my university), clicking a Subject Classification link I get: A username and password are being requested by" Now, however, I am glad to report that it works for me. Probably, due to your last changes. --Boris Tsirelson 14:31, 13 January 2012 (CET)
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