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Preliminary Templates for calling MR and Zbl numbers and 2010 Mathematical Subject Classifications

The calls to MSN (MathSciNet) in the templates MR, MSC, MSC-X require access rights for MathSciNet. Otherwise there are only restricted answers (MR) or no answers at all (MSC, MSC-X). Therefore, in the latter, the calls to the MSC wiki table are included. At the time being, these answers are restricted as well for the secondary MSC, since this wiki does not have sufficient parsing capabilities.

See here for the MSC wiki table.

Template Name/Usage: Effect:
Template:MR calls MR number entry
{{MR|0215665}} MR0215665
Template:ZBL calls Zbl number entry
{{ZBL|0153.07403}} Zbl 0153.07403
User:Ulf Rehmann/sandbox/MSC
Syntax: {{User:.../MSC|primary_MSC|[list_of_secondary_MSCs]}}
calls MSN and MSC wiki
{{User:Ulf Rehmann/sandbox/MSC|20G15|}}${\quad}^{(*)}$[ 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification MSN: 20G15 | MSCwiki: 20G15  ]
{{User:Ulf Rehmann/sandbox/MSC|20G15|14L10}} [ 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification MSN: 20G15,(14L10) | MSCwiki: 20G15   + 14L10  ]
{{User:Ulf Rehmann/sandbox/MSC|20G15|14L10,14F35}}[ 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification MSN: 20G15,(14L10,14F35) | MSCwiki: 20G15   + 14L10,14F35  ] $\quad^{(**)}$
User:Ulf Rehmann/sandbox/MSCtop calls 2-digit top level classification from MSC wiki by appending '-XX'
{{User:Ulf Rehmann/sandbox/MSCtop|20}} 20-XX
User:Ulf Rehmann/sandbox/MSC-X replaces last two digits internally by 'XX' for MSC wiki
{{User:Ulf Rehmann/sandbox/MSC-X|60-01|}} ${\quad}^{(*)}$[ 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification MSN: 60-01 | MSCwiki: 60-01  ]
Template:MSN_HOST The actual MSN server used by MR, MSC, MSC-X

${\quad}^{(*)}$ Observe the '|' character before the closing '}}'.

$\quad^{(**)}$ So far, only the first entry of the secondary MSC is displayed by MSCwiki.

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