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A specific example of a reflexive Banach space (cf. Reflexive space) which does not contain an imbedded $l_p$-space or an imbedded $c_0$-space. On the other hand, the classical Banach spaces, such as the spaces $L_p(\mu)=L_p(\Omega,\Sigma,\mu)$ of equivalence classes of measurable functions whose $p$-th powers are integrable and the spaces $C(K)$ of continuous scalar-valued functions on $K$ with the supremum norm, all do contain a copy of $c_0$ or $l_p$, and so do all Orlicz spaces (cf. Orlicz space).

For a selection of results concerning Banach spaces which do contain $l_p$ or $c_0$ see [a3], Sect. 2e.


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