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A lot of misinformation.

This entry contains a lot of misinformation and shows a grave lack of understanding of mathematics and calculus.

A term which formerly included various branches of mathematical analysis connected with the concept of an infinitely-small function. Even though the method of "infinitely smalls" had been successfully employed in various forms by the scientists of Ancient Greece and of Europe in the Middle Ages to solve problems in geometry and in natural science, exact definitions of the fundamental concepts of the theory of infinitely-small functions were laid only in the 19th century.

An infinitely small function? What on earth is that? No such thing.

The method of "infinitely smalls" ? Is this a joke?

The Greeks knew nothing of "infinitesimal". It made no sense to them. As "infinitesimals" (whatever this garbage means) do not exist in theory or otherwise, how could the Ancient Greeks have "used" them?

People whose first language is NOT English, should not write articles in Mathematics on this site. Glancing over the rest of the article shows how devoid of factual knowledge it actually is. To learn what Archimedes knew (and did not know), read the following article:

John Gabriel

"People whose first language is NOT English, should not write articles in Mathematics on this site" – maybe; but for now, as far as I know, this encyclopedia consists mostly of articles translated from Russian; in particular, this article was not edited on the wiki (yet).
I guess that the infamous "infinitely small function" is an incorrect translation of Russian "бесконечно малая".
By the way, on your site (linked above) I read: "I am the first and only mathematician to resolve the problem of rigour in calculus in almost 330 years." Wow! My warm greetings to the first genius among the users of this site :-) --Boris Tsirelson 22:57, 15 July 2012 (CEST)
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