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References problem

There seems to be an error in reference [a3]. LNM volume 1052 Zbl 0523.00002 is indeed dated 1982 and contains papers by D.V and G.V. Chudnovsky entitled "Padé and Rational Approximations to Systems of Functions and their Arithmetiic Applications" Zbl 0536.10028 and "Padé Approximations to Solutions of Linear Differential Equations and Applications to Diophantine Analysis" Zbl 0536.10029. But the paper entitled "Applications of Padé-approximations to diophantine inequalities in values of $G$-functions" seems to be Zbl 0561.10016 in LNM 1135 dated 1985 Zbl 0553.00003. Presumably the last of these is intended? Richard Pinch (talk) 18:46, 28 October 2017 (CEST)

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