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Let $M^n$ be an $n$-dimensional manifold. An open book decomposition of $M^n$ consists of a codimension-two submanifold $N^{n-2}$, called the binding, and a fibration $\pi : M \setminus N \rightarrow S^1$. The fibres are called the pages. One may require the fibration to be well behaved near $N$, i.e. that $N$ have a tubular neighbourhood $N \times D^2$ such that $\pi$ restricted to $N \times (D^2\setminus0)$ is the mapping $(x,y)\mapsto y/|y|$.

The existence of an open book decomposition for any closed, orientable $3$-manifold was proved by J.W. Alexander [a1]. He suggested that the binding may be assumed connected, but the first published proof of this fact was given by R. Myers [a4]. An independent proof (unpublished) is due to F.J. González-Acuña, see also [a5]. Any closed manifold of odd dimension $\ge7$ admits an open book decomposition [a3], and the same is true for any simply-connected manifold of even dimension $\ge8$ with vanishing index [a7].

Such structure theorems have been used to give explicit geometric constructions of contact structures and codimension-one foliations; see, for instance, [a6], [a2].


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