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2020 Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 54D [MSN][ZBL]

Three conjectures in general topology due to K. Morita:

  1. If $X \times Y$ is normal for every normal space $Y$, is $X$ discrete?
  2. If $X \times Y$ is normal for every normal P-space $Y$, is $X$ metrizable?
  3. If $X \times Y$ is normal for every normal countably paracompact space $Y$, is $X$ metrizable and sigma-locally compact?

Here a normal P-space $Y$ is characterised by the property that the product with every metrizable $X$ is normal; it is thus conjectured that the converse holds.

K. Chiba, T.C. Przymusiński and M.E. Rudin proved conjecture (1) and showed that conjecture (2) is true if the axiom of constructibility $V=L$, holds. Z. Balogh proved conjecture (3).


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