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Templates for calling MR and Zbl numbers and 2010 Mathematical Subject Classifications

The calls to MSN (MathSciNet) in the templates MR, MSC, MSC-X require access rights for MathSciNet. Otherwise there are only restricted answers (MR) or no answers at all (MSC, MSC-X). Therefore, in the latter, the calls to the MSC wiki table are included.

See here for the MSC wiki table.

(Technical requirements: Mediawiki Extension:ParserFunctions, in ParserFunctions.php, string functions need to be enabled.)

Template Name/Usage: Effect:
Template:MR calls MR number entry
{{MR|0215665}} MR0215665
Template:ZBL calls Zbl number entry
{{ZBL|0153.07403}} Zbl 0153.07403
Syntax: {{MSC|Primary}}
or {{MSC|Primary|Secondary}}
generates appropriate links into MSC wiki and MSN,

also generates corresponding catagory entries for the file

(the category entries at the bottom of this page are caused by the calls in the next lines).
{{MSC|20G15}}2020 Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 20G15 [MSN][ZBL]
{{MSC|20G15|14L10,14F35,16K50,14F22}} ${\quad}^{(*)}$2020 Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 20G15 Secondary: 14L1014F3516K5014F22 [MSN][ZBL]
The templates below are technical and normally not directly used. They are called from the above templates.
Template:MSCwiki calls for a single MSC the top level classification from MSC wiki (by appending '-XX' on a two digit argument)
{{MSCwiki|20}} 20-XX
{{MSCwiki|20G15}} 20G15
Template:MSCwiki8 the argument is a comma separated list of (up to eight) MSC entries.

A two digit MSC entry like 16 is automatically extended to 16-XX.

A category entry is put into the file for each MSC entry.
{{MSCwiki8|14L10,14F35,16K50}} ${\quad}^{(*)}$14L1014F3516K50
Template:Category This categorizes the page with the appropriate categories.
{{Category|20}} inserts entries like [[Category:Algebra]] etc. into page
Template:MSN_HOST The actual MSN server used by MR, MSC, MSCwiki, MSCwiki8

${\quad}^{(*)}$ Observe that the last argument (after the last '|') is a comma separated list of MSC entries (no blanks allowed here)!

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