Binary tetrahedral group

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2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 20-XX [MSN][ZBL]

The exceptional group $G_4$ or $\langle 3,3,2 \rangle$, abstractly presented as: $$ \langle R,S \ |\ R^3=S^3=(RS)^2 \rangle \ . $$ It is finite of order 24. It has the alternating group $A_4$ as quotient by the centre and the quaternion group of order 8 as a quotient.

This group may be realised as the group of invertible Hurwitz numbers: $$ \pm 1\,,\ \pm i\,,\ \pm j\,,\ \pm k\,,\ \frac{\pm1\pm i\pm j\pm k}{2} \ . $$

The group has an action on the three-sphere with tetrahedral space as quotient.


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