Approximation in the mean

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Approximation of a given function $f(t)$, integrable on an interval $[a,b]$, by a function $\phi(t)$, where the quantity


is taken as the measure of approximation.

The more general case, when


where $\sigma(t)$ is a non-decreasing function different from a constant on $[a,b]$, is called mean-power approximation (with exponent $q$) with respect to the distribution $d\sigma(t)$. If $\sigma(t)$ is absolutely continuous and $\phi(t)=\sigma(t)$, then one obtains mean-power approximation with weight $\phi(t)$, and if $\sigma(t)$ is a step function with jumps $c_k$ at points $t_k$ in $[a,b]$, one has weighted mean-power approximation with respect to the system of points $\{t_k\}$ with measure of approximation


These concepts are extended in a natural way to the case of functions of several variables.


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