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Future Site Development: (Requires Prioritization)

Feedback – Development Items

  1. New User landing environment (welcome template / info page) with admin-configurable defaults
  2. Some Administrator rights should be granted to Editorial-Board members as well
    1. List of rights: Mark pages as patrolled.
  3. Only encyclopedic articles (only the items that will eventually be in the Main name space) should appear in the “Pages A-Z” list. This is closely related with the next item:
  4. Reorganization of Namespace:
    1. Main should only contain encyclopedic articles
    2. Rename Encyclopedia of Mathematics namespace to EOM
    3. Place all non-encyclopedic pages in the EOM namespace
    4. Place the project talk page at “EOM:Talk:This Project”
  5. Modify CSS in order to wrap article text to match viewport width.
  6. Grant users the right to edit pages within Talk namesubspaces.
  7. Administrators should have the ability to change the editing restrictions on a particular page independent of namespace rules.
  8. History pages should display time stamps in UTC not CET (only if this is the wikipedia standard).

Requested Wiki Extensions

  • Extension:HarvardReferences
  • Extension:ConfirmEdit#MathCaptcha

Requests for Software Extensions

  • The 'Asymptote' Extension Has now Been Added

Requests for Information

  • More detail about how to use the rights listed under administrator on [Special:ListGroupRights]

Notes relating to user intro pages

(Taken from an email by Ulf sent on 12/4/2011)

“Here is my intro page on

It allows me to say something about me. I have almost left it as it was, except that I modified a bit the part "About me".

Here is the user page of some colleague, which is much more elaborated:

What I think of is that we draft a template page (which is edible by me) a copy of which appears as a template for each new user, allowing to give a little info. For example, there should be a field which informs about the special research fields of the user, in keywords as well as in Math Subject Classification.

Also, there could be a field in which the names of pages could be included for which the user (e.g., an editor) could list the pages for which the user feels responsible.

So: As a template, the page should be edible by me, and the local copy should be edited by the user.”

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