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Thank you for your continued effort to correct the automated TeX translations. It is very much appreciated! --Maximilian Janisch (talk) 23:05, 19 January 2024 (UTC)

Well, thanks. I would appreciate some answers in the project talk page to my many suggestions, if you can. F. Chapoton (talk) 16:56, 20 January 2024 (UTC)
Indeed there are many great suggestions you have posted there that are very worth of tackling, you may also be interested in my incomplete and not ordered list of open EoM issues, as well as suggestions raised on my talk page. I am not affiliated with the EoM at all other than having voluntarily initiated the Texification project, so I don't monitor it very closely and I am not involving that much of my time for resolving all of the issues it faces. My main expertise lies in performing mass edits among many articles, if I can be of help there, contacting me at makes it much more likely that I answer. Also, I think many of your points could be raised to Ulf Rehmann,, who is currently editor-in-chief. What would you say? --Maximilian Janisch (talk) 23:15, 20 January 2024 (UTC)
Also it is incredibly impressive just how much work you have put into the EoM during the last year! --Maximilian Janisch (talk) 23:43, 20 January 2024 (UTC)
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