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Typos fixed during TeXing

  • In paragraph starting "The so-called smoothing functional...", replaced $R_2[u,\alpha]$ by $R_2(u,\alpha)$

Typographical changes

  • Removed some redundant curly brackets (braces), eg, $\{\Omega[z]\}^{1/2}$ becomes $\Omega[z]^{1/2}$
  • Some complicated inline formulae are now displayed, eg, the integral whose minimum is the solution to the spline problem.

Editorial changes

  • the expression "Tikhonov well-posed" is not used in the West becomes the expression "Tikhonov well-posed" is not widely used in the West, since Google gives 900 hits for this exact phrase.
  • Last line of comments, added remark that "the discrepancy principle" of often called "the Morozov discrepancy principle.

--Jjg 13:34, 23 April 2012 (CEST)

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