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Post $\TeX$ remarks

  • There was a load of gibberish in two places in the original imported text (looked like a part of the index had been cut-and-pasted accidentally). By looking at the google version of EoM I determined where it started and ended, and so could remove it cleanly.
  • In several places I have merged the explicit reference and the link, so "sometimes called the A of B (see [[B, A of]])" becomes "sometimes called the [[B, A of|A of B]])".
  • The text contains the phrase "a modulus of continuity of function type" which is a google-whack -- according to google it occurs only in this document. I guess it is a literal translation of Russian terminology, find what it is called in the West!

--Jjg 00:10, 26 April 2012 (CEST)

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