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standard procedure, subprogram

A program describing a computational algorithm for the solution of a problem, written in one of the algorithmic languages (programming languages), within the special requirements of the operational system and the programming system in which the program can be used as a constructive element in the process of solving a more general problem on a computer. The concept of a standard procedure is usually applied to the use of mathematical methods in numerical calculations on a computer (computational mathematics, mathematical statistics, etc.), although it is also used in other spheres of computational technology. Standard procedures are generally arranged in libraries, and can also serve as the basis of a functional complement to packages of applied procedures. Libraries are essentially a classification of all the loading, object and initial modules contained in the computer's internal memory that are used by the operational system. When constructing a standard procedure, certain further requirements may have to be considered: the module principle, programming discipline, auto-documentation, filtration of input data and error diagnosis, quality assurance, etc. Apart from the regular programming methods of software, instrumental systems may be used for the automation of a library construction for classes of computers (verification systems, program-transformation and -generation systems, formatting systems, testing systems, documentary-reference systems, automatic commentary systems, etc.). The question of developing problem-oriented languages is a pressing one for libraries of standard procedures, and, along with the question of architecture, of developing methods of data-base and problem-solving control, it brings the problems of creating libraries of standard procedures closer to the problems of creating packages of applied procedured. The software of modern computers includes extensive libraries of standard procedures which form the basis of the special method of automatic programming (the method of library programs).


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