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2020 Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 14M15 [MSN][ZBL]

A Schubert variety is the set of all $m$-dimensional subspaces $W$ of an $n$-dimensional vector space $V$ over a field $k$ satisfying the Schubert conditions: $\dim(W\cap V_j) \ge j$, $j=1,\dots,m$, where $V_1\subset\cdots\subset V_m$ is a fixed flag of subspaces of $V$. In Grassmann coordinates these conditions are given by linear equations; a Schubert variety is an irreducible (generally speaking, singular) algebraic subvariety of the Grassmann manifold $G_{n,m}$. Schubert varieties define a basis of the Chow ring $A(G_{n,m})$, and for $k=\C$ — a basis for the homology group $H_*(G_{n,m},\Z)$.

The Schubert conditions were considered by H. Schubert in connection with enumeration problems for geometric objects with given incidence properties. Hilbert's 15th problem concerns a foundation for the enumeration theory developed by Schubert (see [Kl]).

The notion of a Schubert variety has been generalized to any complete homogeneous space of a semi-simple linear algebraic group $G$. It is the Zariski closure of any Bruhat cell ([Bo]). The geometry of Schubert varieties was studied, e.g., in [De], [LaSe].


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