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The class $W^p$ of complex-valued functions $f(x)$, $-\infty<x<\infty$, summable to degree $p$ on each bounded interval of the real axis and such that for every $\epsilon>0$ there is an $l=l(\epsilon,f)$ for which $f$ has a relatively-dense set $S_l^p$ of $\epsilon$-almost-periods (cf. Almost-period). The class was defined by H. Weyl [1]. The class $W^p$ of Weyl almost-periodic functions is an extension of the class of Stepanov almost-periodic functions.

Weyl almost-periodic functions are related to the metric


If $\phi$ is a null function in the metric $D_{W^p}$, i.e.


and $f$ is a Stepanov almost-periodic function, then


is a Weyl almost-periodic function. There also exist Weyl almost-periodic functions which cannot be represented in the form \ref{*}; cf. [3].


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