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The group of principal homogeneous spaces (cf. Principal homogeneous space) over an Abelian variety. It was shown by A. Weil [1] and, in one special case, by F. Châtelet, that for an arbitrary Abelian variety over a field , the set of principal homogeneous spaces over , defined over k, has a group structure. The group is isomorphic to the first Galois cohomology group . The group is always periodic; moreover, if , it contains elements of arbitrary orders [4], [5]. According to Lang's theorem, if is a finite field. The index , equal to the smallest degree of an extension for which there exists a -rational point , is defined for any element . If and is an algebraic function field over an algebraically closed field of constants or a local field, becomes identical with the order of in the group [6], [10]. In the general case these numbers are different, but is always a divisor of [7]. The group has been computed for local fields (see, for instance, [6], [8], [9]).

If is a global field, the computation of the group is based on the reduction homomorphisms

where is an arbitrary valuation of and is the completion of with respect to . The kernel of the homomorphism

known as the Tate–Shafarevich group of the Abelian variety , has been computed only in the case when is a field of algebraic functions of one variable over an algebraically closed field of constants [5], [8], [11]. The co-kernel of has also been described in this case (up to the -component, where is the characteristic of ). The results of these calculations are used in the theory of elliptic surfaces. If is an algebraic number field, the structure of the group has not been studied to any great extent.


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The Tate–Shafarevich group of certain elliptic curves over number fields has been recently computed ([a1], [a2], [a5]). Also, some new results on the -component of the Weil–Châtelet groups have been obtained [a3].


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