Vitali variation

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One of the numerical characteristics of a function of several variables. It may be considered as a multi-dimensional analogue of the variation of a function of one variable. Let the function be defined on an -dimensional parallelepipedon . One introduces the following notation:

Let be an arbitrary subdivision of the parallelepipedon by hyperplanes

into -dimensional parallelepipeda. Let be the least upper bound of sums of the type


taken over all possible subdivisions of . If , one says that the function has bounded (finite) Vitali variation on , while the class of all such functions is denoted by or simply by . The class was defined by G. Vitali [1]. The same definition of variation was subsequently proposed by H. Lebesgue [2] and M. Fréchet [3]. A real-valued function , defined on , belongs to the class if and only if it can be represented in the form , where the functions and are such that, for each of them, the sums of the type (*), taken without the modulus sign, are non-negative [4] (the analogue of the Jordan decomposition of a function of bounded variation of one variable). The functions of class may be used to introduce the multi-dimensional Stieltjes integral. In particular, for any function which is continuous on and any function of class the integral exists [3].


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