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Future Site Development: (Requires Prioritization)
Future Site Development: (Requires Prioritization)

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Future Site Development: (Requires Prioritization)

Feedback – Development Items

  • New User landing environment (welcome template / info page) with admin-configurable defaults
- User can enter their personal details
- (other features TBD)
additional notes
  • Publish a description of the username rules on the registration page
  • History pages should display time stamps in UTC not CET
  • Reorganization of Namespace:
- Main should only contain encyclopedic articles
- Rename Encyclopedia of Mathematics namespace to EOM
- Place all non-encyclopedic pages in the EOM namespace
- Place the project talk page at “EOM:Talk:This Project”
  • Grant users the right to edit pages within Talk namesubspaces.
  • Administrators should have the ability to change the editing restrictions on a particular page independent of namespace rules.
  • Some Administrator rights should be granted to Editorial-Board members as well (List of rights TBD)
  • Certain page types (namespaces?) should not have “how to cite this article” area. (page types TBD)
  • Only encyclopedic articles (only the items that will eventually be in the Main name space) should appear in the “Pages A-Z” list.
  • Modify CSS in order to wrap article text to match viewport width.

Requested Wiki Extensions

  • Extension:HarvardReferences
  • Extension:ConfirmEdit#MathCaptcha

Requests for Software Extensions

Comment: “It requires to have /usr/bin/asy installed. If you have asy at some other place please adjust the line

$this->asymptoteCommand = "/usr/bin/asy"; in the php file "Asymptote.php".”

Requests for Information

  • More detail about how to use the rights listed under administrator on [Special:ListGroupRights]

Notes relating to user intro pages

(Taken from an email by Ulf sent on 12/4/2011)

“Here is my intro page on

It allows me to say something about me. I have almost left it as it was, except that I modified a bit the part "About me".

Here is the user page of some colleague, which is much more elaborated:

What I think of is that we draft a template page (which is edible by me) a copy of which appears as a template for each new user, allowing to give a little info. For example, there should be a field which informs about the special research fields of the user, in keywords as well as in Math Subject Classification.

Also, there could be a field in which the names of pages could be included for which the user (e.g., an editor) could list the pages for which the user feels responsible.

So: As a template, the page should be edible by me, and the local copy should be edited by the user.”

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