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Code (1)

\mu (B)= \sup \{\mu(K): K\subset B, \mbox{ $K$ compact} \}\, 

produces (but see below!):

\begin{equation} \mu (B)= \sup \{\mu(K): K\subset B, \mbox{ '"`UNIQ-MathJax10-QINU`"' compact} \}\, \end{equation}

as compared to the code (2):

\mu (B)= \sup \{\mu(K): K\subset B, K \mbox{ compact} \}\, 

which produces:

\begin{equation} \mu (B)= \sup \{\mu(K): K\subset B, K \mbox{ compact} \}\, \end{equation}

Interestingly, if code (1) is put inside $ ... $, it renders correctly, however it does not so, if it is put inside \[ ... \].

Test Link

$$e^{2\pi i} - 1 = 0$$

$$ A,B,C, D, E, F, G $$

XXX YYY Additional text

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