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Predefined $\rm\TeX$ Macros
excerpted from mwMathJaxConfig.js
TeX macro: Print out: TeX encoding: Comment:
  \P $\P$   \unicode{xb6}  
  \Alpha $\Alpha$   \unicode{x391}   /*FIXME: These capital Greeks don't show up in bold in \boldsymbol ... */
  \Beta $\Beta$   \unicode{x392}  
  \Epsilon $\Epsilon$   \unicode{x395}  
  \Zeta $\Zeta$   \unicode{x396}  
  \Eta $\Eta$   \unicode{x397}  
  \Iota $\Iota$   \unicode{x399}  
  \Kappa $\Kappa$   \unicode{x39a}  
  \Mu $\Mu$   \unicode{x39c}  
  \Nu $\Nu$   \unicode{x39d}  
  \Pi $\Pi$   \unicode{x3a0}  
  \Rho $\Rho$   \unicode{x3a1}  
  \Sigma $\Sigma$   \unicode{x3a3}  
  \Tau $\Tau$   \unicode{x3a4}  
  \Chi $\Chi$   \unicode{x3a7}  
  \C $\C$   \mathbb{C}   /*the complex numbers */
  \N $\N$   \mathbb{N}   /*the natural numbers */
  \Q $\Q$   \mathbb{Q}   /*the rational numbers */
  \R $\R$   \mathbb{R}   /*the real numbers */
  \Z $\Z$   \mathbb{Z}   /*the integer numbers */
  \F $\F$   \mathbb{F}   /*a finite field */
  \HH $\HH$   \mathcal{H}   /*a Hilbert space */
  \bszero $\bszero$   \boldsymbol{0}   /*vector of zeros */
  \bsone $\bsone$   \boldsymbol{1}   /*vector of ones */
  \bst $\bst$   \boldsymbol{t}   /*a vector 't' */
  \bsv $\bsv$   \boldsymbol{v}   /*a vector 'v' */
  \bsw $\bsw$   \boldsymbol{w}   /*a vector 'w' */
  \bsx $\bsx$   \boldsymbol{x}   /*a vector 'x' */
  \bsy $\bsy$   \boldsymbol{y}   /*a vector 'y' */
  \bsz $\bsz$   \boldsymbol{z}   /*a vector 'z' */
  \bsDelta $\bsDelta$   \boldsymbol{\Delta}   /*a vector '\Delta' */
  \E $\E$   \mathrm{e}   /*the exponential */
  \rd $\rd$   \,\mathrm{d}   /*roman d for use in integrals: $\int f(x) \rd x$ */
  \rdelta $\rdelta$   \,\delta   /*delta operator for use in sums */
  \rD $\rD$   \mathrm{D}   /*differential operator D */
  \RR $\RR$   \mathbb{R}  
  \ZZ $\ZZ$   \mathbb{Z}  
  \NN $\NN$   \mathbb{N}  
  \QQ $\QQ$   \mathbb{Q}  
  \CC $\CC$   \mathbb{C}  
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