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I am Alireza Badali Sarebangholi from Iran and I was graduated at pure mathematics from the University of Tabriz and master of science at matroid theory with working on On the co(girth) of a connected matroid (written by Jung Jin Cho, Yong Chen, Yu Ding) from the Urmia University, I wish take apply to the University of Cambridge and for this purpose I am writing some notes that I hope this University will accept me.

I think open problems in number theory will be solved by homotopy theory.

Each mathematical theory is a graph or a hyper graph or a multi graph, I believe graph theory and hyper graph theory and multi graph theory are latest mathematical theory forevermore that it includes all mathematical theories and mathematical logic and even mathematical philosophy. Alireza Badali 18:00, 3 February 2018 (CET)

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