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Hello! I am a 20 years old PhD student (of mathematics) at the Zürich Graduate School in Mathematics (joint programme of the University of Zürich and ETH Zürich) in Switzerland. For more information on me as a person, see Wikipedia or my homepage at the University of Zürich.

My public E-Mail address is

My main interest in mathematics is probability theory and applications of probability theory in areas such as mathematical finance (Itô diffusions as price processes, equivalent martingale measures, etc.) and machine learning (statistical learning theory, properties of gradient descent, etc.).

I am also interested in partial differential equations, in particular existence- and uniqueness questions for the Euler equations in fluid dynamics, on which I wrote my master's thesis.

Texification of the Encyclopedia

To tackle the problem of the Encyclopedia that there are mostly images of formulas but no LaTeX code, User:Ulf_Rehmann and I have texified around 4000 articles: [[Category:TeX_auto]], [[Category:TeX_semi-auto]]. See User:Maximilian_Janisch/latexlist for more information.

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