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A collection of subsets of size ( "blocks" ) of a ground set of size is said to form a Turán -system if each -element subset of contains at least one block. The Turán number is the minimum size of such a collection. P. Turán introduced these numbers in [a6]. The related dual notion is that of the covering number , defined to be the smallest number of blocks needed to cover (by inclusion) each -element subset. Several recursions are known; e.g. in [a2] it is shown that

Also, the limit

is known to exist, though the values of are known only for . These facts and the ones that follow are based on an extensive survey by A. Sidorenko ([a5]):

i) .

ii) [a1].

iii) It has been conjectured that [a1].

iv) [a4].

v) [a3]. The situation of small has been studied extensively, as have been the cases . The case of small is also well-studied; this leads to the covering number. See [a5] for details.


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