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A finite sum of the form

where is an integer and is a real-valued function of . More general sums of the following form are also called trigonometric sums:

where is a real-valued function and is an arbitrary complex-valued function.

If is a polynomial, then is called a Weyl sum; if the polynomial has rational coefficients,

then is called a rational trigonometric sum; if , then is called a complete trigonometric sum; if and when is a prime number while when is a composite number, then is called a trigonometric sum over prime numbers; if , and is a polynomial, then is called a multiple Weyl sum. A basic problem in the theory of trigonometric sums is that of finding upper bounds for the moduli of and .


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Instead of "trigonometric sum" one also uses "exponential sumexponential sum" . A complete rational exponential sum of degree ,

is called a Gauss sum. A Kloosterman sum is an exponential sum of the form

For these there is Weil's estimate .

Besides in number theory (cf. also Trigonometric sums, method of), exponential sums play important roles in other fields, e.g. algebraic geometry, modular functions, quadrature formulas, monodromy, [a1], [a2], [a3].


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