Topology of uniform convergence

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The topology on the space of mappings from a set into a uniform space generated by the uniform structure on , the base for the entourages of which are the collections of all pairs such that for all and where runs through a base of entourages for . The convergence of a directed set to in this topology is called uniform convergence of to on . If is complete, then is complete in the topology of uniform convergence. If is a topological space and is the set of all mappings from into that are continuous, then is closed in in the topology of uniform convergence; in particular, the limit of a uniformly-convergent sequence of continuous mappings on is a continuous mapping on .


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If is a metric space with the uniform structure defined by the metric, then a basis for the open sets in is formed by the sets , and one finds the notion of uniform convergence in the form it is often encountered in e.g. analysis.


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