Schwarzian derivative

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Schwarz derivative, Schwarzian differential parameter, of an analytic function $f(z)$ of a complex variable $z$

The differential expression


It first appeared in studies on conformal mapping of polygons onto the disc, in particular in the studies of H.A. Schwarz [1].

The most important property of the Schwarzian derivative is its invariance under fractional-linear transformations (Möbius transformations) of the function $f(z)$, i.e. if


then $\{f,z\}=\{g,z\}$. Applications of the Schwarzian derivative are especially connected with problems on univalent analytic functions. For example, if $f(z)$ is a univalent analytic function in the disc $D=\{z:|z|<1\}$, and if $f(0)=0$, $f'(0)=1$, then


Conversely, if $f(z)$ is regular in $D$ and if


then $f(z)$ is a univalent function in $D$, and it is impossible in this case to increase the constant 2.


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The necessary and sufficient conditions for univalency in terms of the Schwarzian derivative stated above are due to W. Kraus [a1] and Z. Nehari [a2], respectively; see [a3], pp. 258-265, for further discussion. A nice discussion of the Schwarzian derivative is in [a4], pp. 50-58.


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