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in the disc

The function

Let be a finite simply-connected or multiply-connected domain with boundary , let be the Green function for the Laplace operator in , and let the real-valued function be the conjugate to . Then the function is called the complex Green function of the domain . The function is an analytic but multiple-valued (if is multiply connected) function of and a single-valued non-analytic function of . The function

where is the direction of the interior normal at , is called the Schwarz kernel of .

Let be an analytic function without singular points in , and let be single valued and continuous in . Then the following formula holds:

where is a fixed point and is the value at of one of the branches of the function .


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Of course, some regularity conditions on have to be assumed, so that the normal derivative is well defined. Note that the real part of is the Poisson kernel.

See also Schwarz integral.

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