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A formula for rearranging the order of integration in iterated improper integrals of Cauchy principal value type (cf. Improper integral).

Let be a simple closed or open smooth curve in the complex plane, let be a function defined on (generally speaking complex-valued) and satisfying a uniform Hölder condition with respect to and , and let be a fixed point on which is not an end-point if is open. Then one has the Poincaré–Bertrand formula


The formula is true under more general assumptions on the curve and the function (see [4]). If , where , , , equation (1) is true for almost-all (see [5], [6]). If the curve is closed and the function depends on one variable only, then equation (1) takes the form


and holds for all or almost-all , depending (respectively) on whether satisfies a Hölder condition or , . Equation (2) is also called the Poincaré–Bertrand formula.

Analogues of formula (1) have been constructed for multiple integrals (see [8][11]).

Formula (1) was obtained, under certain conditions, by G.H. Hardy (see [7]) before H. Poincaré (see [1]) and G. Bertrand (see [2], [3]).


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