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Euler circle

A circle whose periphery contains the midpoints of the sides of a triangle, the bases of its altitudes, and the midpoints of the segment connecting the orthocentre of the triangle with the vertices. Its radius is equal to one-half of the radius of the circle circumscribed about the triangle. The nine-point circle of a triangle is tangent to the circle inscribed in it and to the three escribed circles. Let be the orthocentre of a non-equilateral triangle, let be the centre of gravity, let be the centre of the circumscribed circle and let be the centre of the nine-point circle. The points then lie on a straight line (Euler's line), being the midpoint of the segment , and the pair of points harmonically subdivides the pair of points .

Figure: n066750a


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Sometimes the nine-point circle is referred to as the Feuerbach circle. The fact that the nine-point circle is tangent to the inscribed circle and the three escribed circles is Feuerbach's theorem.

More generally one has the nine-point conic and the eleven-point conic determined by a projective base (giving a coordinate system) in the projective plane, cf. [a2], Sects., 16.7.5.


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