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of an Abelian variety

A group scheme associated to an Abelian variety and having a certain minimality property. If is a local Henselian discrete valuation ring with residue field and field of fractions and if is an Abelian variety of dimension over , then a Néron model of is defined as a smooth commutative group scheme over whose generic fibre is isomorphic to , while the canonical homomorphism is an isomorphism. This concept was introduced by A. Néron [1] in the case of a perfect field. In the local case a Néron model exists and is uniquely determined up to an -isomorphism. A Néron model has the following minimality property: For any smooth -scheme and any morphism of the generic fibres there exists a unique morphism of -schemes induced by .

If is a one-dimensional regular Noetherian scheme, is a generic point of it, is its canonical imbedding, and is an Abelian variety over , then a Néron model of is defined as a smooth quasi-projective group scheme over that represents the sheaf relative to the flat Grothendieck topology on (see [4]).

For a generalization of the concept of a Néron model to arbitrary schemes see [3].


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