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matrix forward-backward substitution method

A method for solving finite-difference systems that approximate boundary value problems for systems of ordinary differential equations in one-dimensional problems, and for elliptic equations in two-dimensional problems.

The solution of the three-point difference scheme

where is an unknown grid vector, is the right-hand side vector and are given square matrices, under the boundary conditions

is sought for, as in the scalar case, in the form


The coefficients (the matrix and the vector ) are determined from the recurrence relations ( "forward substitution" )

while and are given by the left boundary condition:

The are calculated by formula (*) ( "backward substitution" ), and

There is stability of this method to rounding errors under the conditions

which implies that , (see [1]). A different form of the stability conditions is also available (see [2], [3]). The matrix factorization method is applied also to two-point difference schemes (see [3]). A variant in which inversion of matrices is replaced by orthogonalization is also used (see [4]).


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