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A differential equation of the form

where is a real-valued continuous function on the interval . A generalization of the Löwner equation is the Kufarev–Löwner equation:

where , , , is a function measurable in for fixed and regular in , with positive real part, normalized by the condition . The Löwner equation and the Kufarev–Löwner equation, which arise in the theory of univalent functions, are the basis of the variation-parametric method of investigating extremal problems on conformal mapping.

The solution , , of the Kufarev–Löwner equation, regarded as a function of the initial value , for any maps the disc conformally onto a one-sheeted simply-connected domain belonging to the disc . From the formula

by a suitable choice of in the Kufarev–Löwner equation and complex constants one can obtain an arbitrary regular univalent function in the disc . In this way the Löwner equation generates, in particular, the conformal mappings of the disc onto domains obtained from the whole plane by making a slit along some Jordan arc (see [1][4]).

The partial differential equation

which is satisfied by the function

is also called the Kufarev–Löwner equation.

The Löwner equation was set up by K. Löwner [1]; the Kufarev–Löwner equation was obtained by P.P. Kufarev (see [5]).


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For more information see also Löwner method.

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