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A stochastic process with a stochastic differential. More precisely, a continuous stochastic process on a probability space with a certain non-decreasing family of -algebras of is called an Itô process with respect to if there exists processes and (called the drift coefficient and the diffusion coefficient, respectively), measurable with respect to for each , and a Wiener process with respect to , such that

Such processes are called after K. Itô [1], [2]. One and the same process can be an Itô process with respect to two different families . The corresponding stochastic differentials may differ substantially in this case. An Itô process is called a process of diffusion type (cf. also Diffusion process) if its drift coefficient and diffusion coefficient are, for each , measurable with respect to the -algebra

Under certain, sufficiently general, conditions it is possible to represent an Itô process as a process of diffusion type, but, generally, with some new Wiener process (cf. [3]). If an Itô process is representable as a diffusion Itô process with some Wiener process and if the equation is satisfied, then is called the innovation process for .

Examples. Suppose that a certain Wiener process , , with respect to has been given and suppose that

where is a normally-distributed random variable with mean and variance that is measurable with respect to .

The process , regarded with respect to , has stochastic differential

in which the new Wiener process , defined by

is an innovation process for .


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For additional references see Itô formula.

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