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induced fibration

The fibration induced by the mapping and the fibration , where is the subspace of the direct product consisting of the pairs for which , and is the mapping defined by the projection . The mapping from the induced fibre bundle into the original fibre bundle defined by the formula is a bundle morphism covering . For each point , the restrictions

are homeomorphisms. Furthermore, for any fibration and morphism covering there exist precisely one -morphism such that , and such that the following diagram is commutative:

Figure: i050720a

Fibre bundles induced from isomorphic fibrations are isomorphic, a fibre bundle induced by a constant mapping is isomorphic to the trivial fibre bundle.

For any section of a fibration , the mapping defined by the formula is a section of the induced fibration and satisfies the relation . For example, the mapping induces the fibration with space and base that is the square of the fibration and has the canonical section .


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