Holomorphically-convex complex space

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A complex space that satisfies the following condition: For each compactum the set

where is the algebra of holomorphic functions on , is compact. A space is holomorphically convex if and only if it admits a proper surjective holomorphic mapping onto some Stein space (a holomorphically-complete space) which induces an isomorphism between the algebras of holomorphic functions on these spaces. The mapping (the holomorphic reduction of ) is uniquely defined and has connected fibres [1]. For any coherent analytic sheaf on a holomorphically-convex complex space , the cohomology spaces and , , are separable topological vector spaces [2].

A special class of holomorphically-convex complex spaces is formed by the complex spaces for which the holomorphic reduction mapping is bijective outside some compact analytic set (such a space is obtained from a Stein space by a proper modification which blows-up a finite number of points). A complex space possesses this property if and only if

for any coherent analytic sheaf on [3]. This class of complex spaces also coincides with the class of strictly -convex complex spaces (cf. Pseudo-convex and pseudo-concave).


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